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Divorce is often the most significant transition of adult life. A divorce may touch any or every aspect of your life. Few other life passages have the potential to affect us psychologically, socially, physically, financially, and legally--all at the same time. Frequently divorce occurs in conjunction with work or career related change. These shifts can be overwhelming. Since most people only divorce once, they enter the confusing divorce process with no experience, wearing blinders, and on an emotional roller coaster. This is one of the times a coach is most needed. But, typically, life coaches don’t have the inside scoop on how to best navigate the treacherous terrain of divorce. If you are looking for a Divorce Coach to provide you with the support you need before, during, or after your divorce you are in the right place! (Click Here To Find A Coach)

If you want to join with us and be a part of our coaching community you are in the right place! We are actively seeking coaches (novice and well-seasoned) who are the right fit. Call Elinor at 352-575-8777 to discuss how we can work together. (Click Here To Become A Coach)

Divorce Coaches are professional helpers who can relieve some of the divorce negativity and help divorcing people reach a more positive outcome in much less time. When looking for a divorce coach you want to make sure your coach is knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce process. If you aren’t selective you could wind up with a divorce coach whose only experience is having been divorced. All of our Certified Divorce Coaches have undergone an extensive Divorce-Education program in addition to Basic Coach Training. They engage in on going peer coaching and have opportunities to consult with other professionals so that they stay up-to-date on the latest trends and laws.

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