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Strategic Planning

© 2023 Elinor Robin, PhD

The transition of divorce involves an identity shift. (Going from married to unmarried leaves most of us seeing ourselves differently. And other people may also view us in a changed way.) This identity shift, combined with the physical, financial, social, and legal changes that are the hallmark of divorce, often leave people unsure of what to do next. It's no wonder that many divorcing people report uncomfortable feelings, being both lost and stuck. (These feelings are frequently amplified in the spouse whose divorce is unexpected.)


A gifted Divorce Coach will appreciate each client’s unique circumstance and be able to lend a fresh perspective. The coach can help sort through the pieces of day-to-day life and establish long-term objectives. By providing unbiased support and information the Coach helps the client create a Strategic Plan that can guide the client as s/he clarifies and reaches goals, overcomes challenges, and engages in life restructuring and rebuilding. This Strategic Plan can be a useful tool in every phase of the divorce transition.


The Strategic Planning process allows the client to (a) identify their true interests and motivations, (b) evaluate and analyze their situation and options, (c) formulate offers and proposals, (d) pause and gather their thoughts, and (e) become a more effective negotiator. Ultimately, a Divorce Coach will contribute his/her knowledge and experience to the planning process so that better informed decisions can be made.

A well-designed strategic plan will answer four critical questions:

1. Where am I right now? (The Starting Point)

2. Where do I want to be? (The Destination)

3. How will I get there? (The Journey)

4. How will I know if I'm succeeding? (The Checkpoints)

Your Divorce Coach can help you create your Strategic Plans by guiding you to:

1. Define your Vision and Values

2. Determine your desired Outcomes

3. Declare Measures of Accountability

You know the old saying--failing to plan is planning to fail. Find your Divorce Coach today and start your Strategic Planning process.

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