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Esther C. Moore, JD


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About Coach Esther


Esther C. Moore, JD spent the over 26 years as a practicing family law attorney assisting others with navigating divorce and child custody cases, i.e., from basic to more complex cases involving business valuations, and high conflict child custody and domestic violence matters. During her law experience Esther served as a Court appointed Minor’s Counsel representing minor children as young as 4 years of age.


Esther’s life experience included that of being a single parent which she says provides her with real life insight into the life of individuals facing the journey of single parenthood.


Prior to entering law school, Coach Esther earned a Master of Science Degree in Education and was employed as an Academic Dean (as well as an instructor) at a private Business College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Esther’s MS degree in education and work experience proved to be invaluable in the development of the curriculum of All Rise Solutions online courses and coaching program. Esther leveraged her many years of family

law experience in creating this course designed with you in mind.


Learn more at Contact Esther at estherc[@]

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