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Deborah Beylus, CDFA

Deborah Beylus, CDFA

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Getting divorced can be overwhelming, whether you initiated the divorce or not. Along with a variety of significant life changes, you may experience a decrease in your sense of security and confidence and a rise in financial concerns. Many people report feeling alone and vulnerable, not knowing who or what to trust. In addition to these worries, concerns for one’s children are common. Most people only divorce once so they are thrown into this complicated life transition with no experience. As your divorce coach, I can help you make sense of it all.

Ultimately, you can overcome the negativity of the divorce experience and find a renewed sense of self-love and confidence. I can assure you that as difficult as the divorce process may be, you can turn it into an opportunity for growth and a pathway to a richer, happier life.


As your coach I can offer solution focused strategies. Together, we can create positive outcomes for you and your family. My goal is to save you time, money, and energy as well as reduce your stress and anxiety. I will tailor a coaching program to your individual needs. The work we do together can include:


  • Processing and managing emotions.

  • Increasing your decision-making clarity so you can determine what you really want and/or need.

  • Reducing conflict.

  • Pre-divorce strategy and information-gathering so that you know who you want to hire and which divorce process will serve you best.

  • Organizing and preparing documents and paperwork.

  • Exploring and understanding financial matters and concerns.

  • Negotiating and creating a parenting plan.

  • Preparing for litigation.

  • Managing career transitions.

  • Assessing values and priorities.

  • Planning for the future.

  • Support and guidance. If you need a sounding board or someone to hold your hand I can provide the net that keeps you from divorce free fall. If you feel lost, in unfamiliar terrain, I will be your guide and my divorce maps will help you climb out of the divorce hole.

  • Dealing with post-divorce dating so you can build a healthier new relationship with yourself and your next partner


I have 15 years of divorce-related experience. I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Mediation Trainer, and I completed my coach training with the American Life Coach Academy. Call me anytime 561-789-0710 to discuss how I can help you move forward. Let’s begin today and partner together so that I can make this experience easier for you.

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